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   Touchstone Beads is a very interesting division of Springfield leather.  Mainly because the owner has never been able to outgrow his love of rocks and sparkly things that he’s had since he was 7.  And it’s definitely contagious, because It seems that his daughter has acquired the same passions!  That’s been a good thing for our customers, because they’ve discovered that we’ve got one of the largest and best selections of difficult to find, as well as more common stone beads and strands in the Midwest!  Many of our out of town customers have told us that “there’s just no need to go anywhere else”.  And an added bonus is the fact that if you can actually come to our store, you get to wander aimlessly amongst more beads, bone, stone, silver, and other really neat stuff than you can shake a stick at!


   The variety changes daily….  For the best possible service, call and ask for our bead department.  If you ask for me, then I can tell you if something sparkles or not, and I might be able to tell you the name of some stones, but if you want a real bead Guru talk to someone in our bead department.  They’ll either dazzle you with brilliance, or baffle you with… well….they’ll baffle you.


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