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Wholesale Pricing

   I’ve always believed that if anyone makes a product for resale, they should get wholesale pricing.  Actually, we encourage our customers to use leather work to make money.  That being the case,  HAPPY DAYS!!!  Springfield Leather makes wholesale pricing available!   There are several ways for you to take advantage of our wholesale program:


1. If you have a tax number, or a business license, that will qualify you for wholesale pricing.  Simple, huh?If you don’t have a tax number, but you are a legitimate business, you still will get wholesale pricing, but you’ll be liable for any taxes in line with the current tax laws.   


2. Institutions such as (but not limited to) Correctional Facilities, Camps, Schools, Scout councils, and Hospitals automatically receive wholesale pricing. 


3. Gold Club Membership.  $30 initial fee, with a $15 yearly renewal.  If you’re an individual that has no interest in re-selling your work, but perhaps you want to make or purchase lots of gifts for family members and friends, you can purchase a Gold Club Membership that will entitle you to wholesale pricing on everything in our store for one year. (with a few exceptions) Usually, customers find that a membership will pay for itself on the first few visits. 


Wholesale pricing applies to all leathers, tools, dyes, finishes, supplies, beads, jewelry supplies, jackets, and pretty much everything in our store except sewing machines, and shop services.  If an item is on sale, you’ll get the lowest price possible.

We honor the wholesale pricing of a number of different companies.  An example would be Tandy Leather factory.  We either stock, or have access to their entire line.  (This saves our customers a great deal of $ in shipping charges.)  They have several different published pricing levels, and we’re happy to honor whichever one you are currently qualified for.  We honor all of their nationally advertised sales.  We do not necessarily honor their single store specials, grand opening offers, and other local specials, although many times we can and will help. 


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