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About Us

About us???? Are you sure that you really want to know????? I mean you could be mowing the lawn, or shoveling some snow, or steam cleaning the family pet or something like that.........not that we’re not interesting, of course.
Well, ok. I’ll start at the beginning, more or less.
A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away........
There was a young man that had organized a small rock and roll band, who had decided that it would be really cool if he had his very own leather guitar strap. So, taking some of his ill-gotten gain, he proceeded to go to the closest Tandy leather store, and in a very ignorant fashion, purchased a great many unnecessary supplies that were purported to be critical to the making of a guitar strap. Upon arriving home, he promptly spent the next half day creating the masterpiece of all cruddy looking guitar straps. And after seeing it, the rythym guitar player and the bass player decided that they needed straps of a similar ilk….
After producing them, and collecting a mostly exorbitant fee, leather craft became part and fibre of the poor fellow. Then, after realizing the futility (and lack of profitibility) of playing music with little talent, he proceeded to settle a multitude of over hanging legal problems, (early 70’s y’know) and plunge full time into the business of making happy little leather things for sale to the unsuspecting public. Still plagued with the lack of talent, he promptly proceeded to the edge of bankruptcy. With his last few dollars, he went back to the Tandy store to buy a few supplies, and discovered a sign on the door that said,“MANAGER TRAINEE WANTED”.

To make a long story short, the now very humble young man got the job, managed various Tandy leather stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Missouri for about 25 years thereafter, breaking every sales volume record that had previously existed within the company and in so doing, created the largest volume retail/mail order store within the Tandy store chain. At the same time, he created a small leather goods manufacturing operation to supply finished leather products to the tourist industry and also became a major distributor for one of the largest leather goods manufacturers in the country. I should know! The young man was me!!!
Then on January 9, 1999 Tandy announced that they would be closing all of their store locations.
I counted all of my pennies, (and some pennies that belonged to other folks too) and made an offer to buy the store that I had been managing for the past 16 years from Tandy. They accepted, and after giving them lots and lots of pennies, we made the transition from plain old Tandy Leather of Springfield Mo., to the grand, glorious and absolutely wonderful, Springfield Leather Co., of Springfield Missouri!!!!
The upshot of all this hype is that we’ve gotten nothing but bigger and better, and are having a lot of fun with the leather business, and we’d like to help you spend some money with us if at all possible!

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