Most folks know that belt bends are the absolute best part of a side! There’s no belly, and they have the least amount of waste of any cut of leather. Now, in addition to our best-selling Hermann Oak belt bends, we’re able to offer a selection of A/B grade imported belt bends from the premier tannery in Brazil.

These are NOT small like some that you might see advertised. These are large (12 to 16 sq. ft.) and extremely clean bends that are plenty long enough for belts. Available in three weights: 4-5 oz., 6-7 oz., and 8-9 oz., these bends were tanned for belts and other lined products like wallets and bags. HERE’S THE BEST PART: they're just $99.00 EACH!!! Click the images below to browse import veg tan belt bends in all weights! We’re confident that when you see these, you’ll agree that the value is simply exceptional!

As a consequence of the belt bend offer, we’re able to offer tooling bellies in the same weights: 4-5 oz., 6-7 oz., and 8-9 oz. for $13.00 each! They’ll run from about 3 ½ on the small side to 4 ½ on the larger side. Extremely clean, and good for when you don’t need or can’t afford a larger piece of leather. Click the images below to browse all $13 veg tan bellies.