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We are so excited for the summer and we've made sure that we have plenty to keep you busy. Our latest edition of the SLC newsletter was so big, we had to create a landing page to help you comfortably navigate all that we're offering. From our new Oxford Excel line to hair-on selections and a saddle making demonstration, we've got a lot to share! What you'll see here is more detail on our newsletter offerings -- specifically our exotic listings! Let's jump right in!


Our last round of exotic listings sold quicker than we could upload them! Don’t miss out on this new round of high-quality, ethically sourced and rare exotic leathers! Bigger and better than ever, this round, we are offering over 20 elephant panels, over 30 hippo pieces and seven warthog listings. We have different colors and sizes, all individually listed.


This elephant leather is a BIG deal! The deep, wrinkled grain of elephant skin stands out as an authentic beauty amongst leathers. Like your fingerprint, every grain is unique, that's why every panel is listed individually! Elephant leather is, understandably, a rare find. This thick, soft and wrinkly leather is an easy sale for a hefty price. Highly resistant to cracks and tears, while generally soft to the touch and floppy, elephant is one of the best leathers out there. This leather comes from the African rivers of Zimbabwe and Zambia. All skins are acquired and monitored through government sanctioned programs.


Make a splash with unique hippo leather! We scored this rare find in our Denver adventures. Hippo leather is soft and velvety to the touch, yet thick and durable. The skin is also flexible and waterproof, making it a marvelous choice for singular leather products. You’ll find the hippo’s legacy on the skin: hippos battle throughout life, so the leather will show some scars. We love hippo skin for making wildly remarkable leather products. This leather comes from the African rivers of Zimbabwe and Zambia. All skins are acquired and monitored through government sanctioned programs. fsffwsfwefwef


Lightweight, flexible and exotic: three words you wouldn’t associate with a live warthog, but describe warthog leather perfectly! Get lovely consistency and natural character with our limited run of brown warthog leather panels. Ideal for knife sheaths, but also great for inlays and just about any project you’ve got the material to complete. Hailed for its unique texture, it is sure to take your next project to the next level! Prized for its unique texture, get these incredibly tanned warthog pieces from Africa.

New In-Stock

Make your next project luxurious with these lightweight (2-3 oz) upholstery leathers. In four metallic colors, I-Line Upholstery Leather is sure to add a bit of opulence to an existing project or standout on its own for a project of virtually any size. Sides average 22-28 sq ft. Sold by the square foot.

Mule hides are revered for their toughness and usefulness in making heavy-duty pouches, aprons and saddle horn wraps. SLC is offering this rugged leather to you in 7-9 oz sides sold by the square foot. For those of you looking for a lighter piece that doesn’t sacrifice strength, our Pearl Splits are 6-7 oz. Both come in a light pearl color. We will cut this leather, so you can get just the right amount.

We have long been proud of our ostrich leg offerings and we are very pleased to inform you that that selection is expanding...a lot. We are now offering over 20 colors of ostrich legs! Wait, that’s not all! We have special purchase ostrich legs in four color available for just $12.99! These special purchase pieces may have small holes or tanning imperfections, but are easy to work around. Otherwise, choose from our immaculate selection for $30 or less.

One thing stingray is known for, aside from its beauty, is how tough it is to work with. The skin is incredibly hard, which makes it lovely to look at, but incredibly difficult to sew. Lucky for you, we have some stringray with a softer side. Sanded stingray skins aren’t as soft as cow, but are much easier to work with than the regular stuff. On top of that, we have three colors and skins as large as 2 sq ft. Prices range from $25 - $35. Before you go, here’s a tip: if you want to sew these stingers, you’ll want to pre-punch them and use at least 138 lb. thread. You can thank us later.

Oxford XCEL leather is an exciting addition the SLC roster. This high quality leather reminds us of Chicago and won’t break the bank. Enjoy this sleek leather in four colors and two weights: 5-5.5 oz & 2-3 oz. Sold in 12x12 or 12x24 pre-cuts and by the square foot. We will cut this leather or you can buy a full side.

We’ve got buffalo! The American kind! A lot of folks think regularly advertised buffalo is American bison, but more often than not, you’ll be getting domestic water buffalo. We are excited to offer medium weight American bison leather in three colors. Sold by the square foot, we will cut this soft, heavy and durable chrome tanned leather. Great for reenactment pieces and moccasins. These are wild animals, so this leather has some natural character in the form of cuts and scrapes. These sides are fairly rough on the grain side. Most holes are easily repaired, and lend to the “worn” look desired by so many today. Please note that sides average 20-30 sq ft and when we cut these sides, you lose the rough edge. Also note, that when soft leathers like this are measured, we stretch them. So, it might appear that you get a bit less than what you order. Pro tip: you can take out a fair bit of the stretch by stretching it out on a sheet of plywood, and spraying it with a mixture of 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol.

Wanna learn more about bison? Check out our blog post all about bison, buffalos and their differences.

All about Saddles!

Saddle up! Denny Lowe from SLC has made a Western saddle, and this video documents his process, from the first layers of leather on the saddle tree to the completed masterpiece. If you've ever wondered what it takes to make a saddle, this video will give you some insight into the process and hopefully "stirrup" some creativity!

If videos aren't your speed or you have questions, don't forget to check out the text companion for this video on the SLC Blog Kevin's Storytime.

Hair on Offerings

We have an abundance on hair-on products at SLC. You can click the link above and see for yourself! Below, you'll find our newest and most exciting additions!

Enjoy soft and supple hair-on calf prints for just $50! Originally commissioned by a high-end fashion company, these hides are of the utmost quality and in an exciting print!This safari calf print comes in the classic one you see here as well as a fun pink variation! Unbelievably soft, these are a very limited release of leather, so grab it while you can!

One rug only! That’s all we have to spare! This gorgeous zebra print rug is a one-of-a-kind SLC find that we’re stoked about. Click the link below and make this 32-35 sq ft beauty yours today!

That cool splitter is coming in handy! Now we are able to offer our awesome inventory in lighter weights. Save a ton on these bellies that are now available in three weights! Make a project in 10-13 oz, 7-8 oz and 2-3 oz.

From SLC Production

New from the SLC shop elves! We've been working on creating magical products to help you make happy little leather projects. Check out our Purse Straps that come in oodles of options, including 5 leathers, 3 lengths, 4 widths, and stitched or unstitched. If you're looking to make a strappin' good belt or purse handle, try our Buffalo Strips, which come in 5 different leathers and 9 width options. Maybe you got "roped" into making another wallet. Skip the hole punching and go straight to stitching with our premier Pre-Punched Roper Wallet Interiors and Kits. Finally, we'll get to the "point"--we've extended our Knife Sheath Kit line to include black and brown Hermann Oak drum dyed veg tan choices. So, what are you waiting for? Take a break in the summer shade to explore all the happy leather things waiting to be made...