Returns are simply unavoidable in this business. If you do feel that it’s necessary to return something, please check with us first!!!

If you get a defective stamping tool, I probably don’t want you to return it. If you get a bad bottle of whatever, I certainly do not want it back. (Unless there are special circumstances.) If you get leather that you can’t live with, (heaven forbid) that could be different. Please touch base with us, if at all possible.

For example; awhile back, I got a defective buckle returned to us that a guy paid $7.50 for. It cost $3.50 for him to ship it back to me! I replaced the buckle,credited him his $3.50 and shipped it to him at no charge of course. Total cost: $5.00 for original buckle, $5.00 for replacement buckle, $3.50 for return from customer, $3.50 to ship replacement, plus labor. Total cost to customer, $7.50. Total cost to SLC, $17.00+.

Anyway, I’m sure you see the logic. I’d like to work together as well as possible to minimize expenses for both ends in the event of returns. We can have UPS pick something up, or we can send a shipping label to you. The shipping label is the best option for us, as a rule.

Our main concern with returns is twofold: #1, to take care of you, and resolve the problem in a way that makes you happy. #2, lose the least amount of money possible for each of us. And just so you know; we always

try to give the benefit of the doubt to our customer.



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