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        Springfield Leather is proud to be one of the leading providers of leather and leather craft supplies to correctional facilities as well as individual inmates across this country. Actually, this service is one of the main divisions of our business. If a family member or friend is incarcerated in a facility that has craft shop privileges, we’re more than happy to provide a catalog that is designed with the needs of inmates in mind.

        Currently we provide supplies to inmates in over 300 state and federal institutions. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of individuals that are incarcerated, and at the same time trying to learn a trade, or provide some sort of income for either their families, or themselves thru leather work.

       Here’s a couple of facts: My kids are grown and out of the house. I don’t anticipate sending any of them or their kids to college. I don’t need to drive a Mercedes, and neither my wife or I want to live in a mansion. I don’t feel a burning need to join a country club, or play golf in Scotland once a month, or indulge in any other number of expensive hobbies. That helps us to keep our prices low.

We offer what we call a “Pass thru” service for inmates. You may or may not be aware, but if a person is locked up, they can’t usually walk down to Walmart and buy a lightbulb…. So we’re willing to provide a lot of the items that we on the outside take for granted to our inmate customers. As an example, we can provide a hair dryer for setting cement and leather dyes. We just drive to the store, buy one, and mark it up about 35%. As long as the item is permitted by the institution, we can ship it in.

There are many other services that we provide to our inmate customers. Please feel free to call, if this part of our operation is of interest to you.