Each week, we're bringing you a few items at a amazing price for a limited time only! We annouce the new sales in our SLC Flash Sale newsletter and put that same information on this page for your convenience. You can also check out the Flash Sale product page, where you'll find these limted deals alongside some surprise items!

Valid 4/17/18 - 4/24/18

Navy Pebble Grain Upholstery Splits

    These finished upholstery splits are a bargain! If you're familiar with upholstery hides, then you probably know it's often been folded and rolled... so you may encounter a low spot, a fold, or a few wrinkles, but nothing too drastic. Navy colored with a nice mellow grain... it has a bit of body to it, a semi-firm hand. Would make fabulous bags! Actually, really nice leather for the money! Approx. 2-3 oz. Order what ya want, we’re happy to cut it for you!

    Originally $1.49 sq ft
    Now just $.79 sq ft!

    Belt Blank with Snaps - Embossed Oak Leaf

    What a time saver! These belt blanks, with an average length of 50-55", have pre-punched slots and Line 20 baby dot snaps! Just add a buckle, some dye & finish and you've got yourself a finished belt.