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Each week, we're bringing you a few items at a amazing price for a limited time only! We annouce the new sales in our SLC Flash Sale newsletter and put that same information on this page for your convenience. Flash Sale items will always be featured on our Steals and Deals page!

Valid 6/18/18 - 6/25/2018

Lightweight Veg Tan Remnants - 2 lbs.

About two pounds of vegetable tanned leather pieces that are great for small projects like linings, wallet backs, embossing, notebook covers and much more. These are lightweight pieces (2-6 oz.) that are a mix of mostly import leather. Naturally great for tooling. Includes up to 8 sq ft of leather.

  • lightweight vegetable tan scrap
  • lightweight vegetable tan scrap
  • lightweight vegetable tan scrap

Originally $14
Now just $6

Diego Veg Tan Double Shoulders

Our line of Diego Veg Tan Double Shoulders is on of our favorite and this week, we're lowering the price of our glazed colors Maduro and Oscuro! SLC's Glazed Diego shoulders have a firm hand, so they would work well for anything that needs a bit of stiffness. It also splits splendidly. For projects, we’re thinking bags, two-ply belts, wallet interiors (in the lighter weight)—you could even make a nice, wrap-around style holster.
This leather has a smooth finish and waxy feel, although not overly glossy, and a tight grain. The pasted back on the 7-9 oz. makes an appealing finished project inside and out, and the lighter weight could be lined or even used as a liner.